CBD Move Tincture

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Relief for Pain & Inflammation
Alleviate Daily Stress & Anxiety
Non-Psychoactive (No High)



An effective form of CBD treatment for daily pains, inflammation, anxiety, and even symptoms of chronic illnesses. CBD Move Tincture is natural and non-psychoactive.

Hemp Extract CBD is combined with organic coconut oil to create a safe and effective Tincture that can be mixed into meals and drinks or dropped under the tongue.


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500mg, 1000mg

8 reviews for CBD Move Tincture

  1. Irene Miller

    I don’t usually leave reviews but this was a nice surprise. Have had swelling in the lymph nodes of my neck for years. Took 2 dosages today and they have already gone down in size. Idk how this works at all but thank you.

  2. Brenda Conley

    I have horrible allergies and take a couple of different medications year-round for them. I started taking these drops and I do see a difference with them. I feel like I can breathe better and I actually don’t feel as tired. I definitely recommend them.

  3. Anne Juctice

    Great product, works great for pain and stress. Price is fairly reasonable.

  4. Linda Rossi

    this has literally changed my life

  5. Inderpreet Singh

    im subject to drug testing in my job. this drops helps me get medicated and while staying clean – everybody is happy

    thank you kind team cbd cargo canada


  6. Jim Huang

    this stuff is unbelievable
    loving it so much 🙂

    thank you so much guys

  7. Taryn

    I have been living with chronic neck and back pain due to a car accident. Was tired of taking Advil to find relief when a friend recommended me this product. Just a few drops each morning has helped me find relief throughout my days and has helped me improve my quality of living. Would definitely recommend

  8. Diana

    Firstly, I was very skeptic about trying something ‘organic and natural’ for beating something as powerful as my anxiety. But I decided to try this because I read so many articles about amazing effects of CBD. And it really works. I noticed I react differently to situations. It helps me stay calm and makes my life struggle easier. I’ve already recommended this to my friends and my family and I am keeping this as a part of my daily routine!

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