CBD You Tinctures Flight

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White Grape, Pineapple, Green Apple, Blueberry
Very potent CBD tincture formulated for high performance athletes and friends alike. Ideal for workout healing and recovery.


Natural Daily Supplement

We believe in natural healing and recovery for high performance athletes and friends. We are proud to offer potent CBD products made from CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil and great ingredients. Our CBD tinctures can be easily dropped under the tongue or mixed into meals, drinks or dressings.

CBD is non-intoxicating, safe for daily use, and has become widely known for its many anti-inflammatory, healing properties. CBD has become especially popular among high performance athletes such as MMA fighters, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters and even extreme Yogis.

Our hemp-extracted CBD Isolate is a natural alternative to pain medications and recovery supplements. CBD is extremely effective medicine that can assist you in a number of positive ways.

Calming Energy
Muscle Healing
Pain Relief

Ingredients: Hemp Extract CBD, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavors.

6 reviews for CBD You Tinctures Flight

  1. Stephanie Williams

    excellent cbd tincture, preferences great as well as assists me personally rest as well as unwind.

  2. William Heller

    This is an awesome product, had immediate results with removing years of fluid retention and puffiness, my feet and ankles are finally slim !!! I just ordered my second bottle!

  3. Larry Paige

    Pretty wonderful stuff. I recently started using this for general health, and can really tell the difference in my energy level, alertness, and mood already.

  4. Joseph Z Lockwood

    great cbd tincture, tastes good and helps me sleep and relax.

  5. James M Vessels

    I like things simple without a lot of extra stuff. Just some under the tongue in the morning and before sleeping. For anxiety, muscle and joint pain this works for me.

  6. Patrick

    Have tried all the flavours and my fav are Blueberry, Green Apple and White Grape!

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