CBD You, Nano 300 Spray

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300mg Nano CBD, 30ml

This product has been updated with a fine mist spray top which allows for better absorption and shelf stability. Spray on tongue or into meals and drinks.

Nano CBD is a new standard in CBD recovery. Up to 10 times more efficient than conventional CBD oils, it has tiny, powerful nanoparticles that are absorbed by your body with extreme ease.

Extremely Potent (300mg Nano CBD)
Muscle Healing
Pain Relief


Blood Concentration (Nanograms per 1ml)

Nano CBD testing shows a much higher concentration overall, and a more sustained effect over time.

Ingredients: Water, Nano CBD Extract, Coconut Oil, Soy Derived Emulsifier.


Recommended Daily Dose

1ml (10 full pumps of spray) = 10mg Nano CBD. Can be spaced out through the day or used as needed.

Natural Daily Supplement

We believe in natural healing and recovery for high performance athletes and friends. We are proud to offer potent and effective CBD solutions. Our CBD tinctures can be easily dropped under the tongue or mixed into meals, drinks or dressings.

CBD is non-intoxicating, safe for daily use, and has become widely known for its many anti-inflammatory, healing properties. CBD has become especially popular among high performance athletes such as MMA fighters, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters and even extreme Yogis. Our hemp-extracted CBD Isolate is a natural alternative to pain medications and recovery supplements. CBD is extremely effective medicine that can assist you in a number of positive ways.

Calming Energy
Muscle Healing
Pain Relief

10 reviews for CBD You, Nano 300 Spray

  1. Michae Brown

    I’m taking for lingering skin conditions while I continue on Medical Medium daily celery juice and Liver Rescue Mornings. Today is day 3 taking 3/4 tspn per day on empty stomach in the morning and I feel like the areas that remained problematic are improving. If I can figure out how to update this review in a month, I will.

  2. Sandra Helms

    This stuff is amazing. The ingredients are pure, and when I felt the early onset of a cold it cleansed it right out overnight. It has a pleasantly sweet taste that even a child can handle.

  3. Rodney john

    The Package arrived 2-1/2 hours ago and I took two pills almost immediately. IN AN HOUR MY BACK PAIN IS NOW GONE! I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING. Nice product.

  4. Darrell H Borman

    I have inflammation disease and this is helped tremendously with the pain I have in my back!!!!

  5. Adrienne P Simmons

    Helps so much with my chronic pain!

  6. Danica Lesley

    unbelievable sleep I’m getting after using these drops

    a bit bitter but works like magic!

  7. Megan

    I love this product! I’ve only been using it for a week now I’m really notice a difference! It tastes good and really helps my anxiety and help me stay calm!

  8. Abdel Rebai

    Amazing product. Taste super good and its really effective. love it !

  9. Tamara MacKenzie

    This year I recently started to experience anxiety. Which then lead me to awful sleeps. I am thankful I came across NANO because it has helped me not only with my recovery after my workouts but for being able to help relax me and give me the best sleeps ever.

  10. Holly Ankucza

    Fantastic product! One of my favourite ones I’ve tried with this company! Helps so much when my anxiety and sleep as well!

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