CBD Goodies, Large Dogs Pack

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A selection of great products specifically dosed for large dog breeds under one low price.

2 x 200mg Beef Tendersticks (Large Dogs)
1 x 900mg Tincture, 30ml (Large Dogs)

Relieve Pain & Anxiety


2 x 200mg Beef Tendersticks • 10mg CBD per Piece
Ingredients: 100% Canadian Beef, CBD Hemp Extract & Coconut Oil

1 x 900mg Tincture, 30ml • 30mg CBD per Dropper
Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Bacon Flavor, Hemp Extract, Trace Amounts of Soy.

Recommended Daily Dose: 0.5mg of CBD per 1kg of pet’s weight. Initial doses should be low and slow. Start very cautiously and note how your pet reacts.

Please note, CBD for pets is meant to relieve ailments such as pain, inflammation and anxiety. It is not intended or recommended as a form of behavior management.

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200mg (10mg per piece), 100mg (5mg per piece)


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