CBD Goodies, Drops for Large Dogs, 900mg

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900mg CBD 30ml

Relieve Pain & Anxiety


Added now with Salmon Oil for extra health benefits! 

Specifically dosed for large and giant dog breeds. Drop into meals or onto tongue. No artificial additives.

30mg CBD per Full Dropper

Recommended Daily Dose: 0.5mg of CBD per 1kg of pet’s weight. Initial doses should be low and slow. Start very cautiously and note how your pet reacts.

Ingredients: Alaskan Salmon Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Bacon Flavor, Hemp Extract, Trace Amounts of Soy.

Please note, CBD for pets is meant to relieve ailments such as pain, inflammation and anxiety. It is not intended or recommended as a form of behaviour management.

1 review for CBD Goodies, Drops for Large Dogs, 900mg

  1. Katie

    I have 2 beautiful female pitties. They are sisters & will be 8 yrs old this summer. Unfortunately, a few years ago, they suddenly became aggressive toward each other. We have had to keep them separated since. So began the daily kennel rotation ritu… al. One out for a couple of hours, then switch and repeat. They are walked daily. That was very affective until recently. Before 6 days ago, they couldn’t even see each other through their kennels without trying to attack . About 2 weeks ago I felt my only option was to put my babies down. I feared their aggression was changing focus from each other, to my family. In a last effort, I researched CBD and decided to give it try before making a heartbreaking decision. We are 6 days/doses in & my girls have made a complete 360. Prior to starting CBD they stayed in a constant state of hyper awareness/anxiety toward each other. From the very first dose, they relaxed. Their anxiety lessened. They are and will remain separated & on kennel rotation but now 6 days later, they can see each other again without a single hair standing up. I had doubts that CBD would make a big enough impact to save them. I was wrong! I Highly recommend CBD Goodies for anxiety driven aggression, It has absolutely saved my girls

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