A lot of people could use some extra help with falling asleep and staying that way.

Without a good night’s rest, we can’t reach our best potential during the day. We live in an always online, plugged in world with so many things distracting our minds, and stressing our emotional and physical state.

Some folks will turn to pharmaceutical solutions to relieve ailments such as sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, and general restlessness. Many of these medications however come with certain side effects, adverse risks, and possibility of dependency. It is for those reasons that many are now turning to natural cannabinoid solutions to get a better quality of sleep and rest.

With growing popularity of CBD (Cannabidiol) comes promising research and anecdotal evidence about its effectiveness as a sleep aid. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help you alleviate any pain or discomfort, in addition to relieving stimulation from external factors. Studies show that CBD also affects the quality of your sleep cycle, helping you regulate the quality of rest and alleviate chronic sleep conditions.


CBN (Cannabinol) is a more recently promoted cannabinoid with evolving potential, and it’s own unique ant-inflammatory properties. Early studies show CBN to be an effective sleep aid. The sedating effects of CBN are comparable to that of THC, but without the psychoactive stimulation. We are happy to recommend a recently formulated tincture with a 3:1 CBD/CBN ratio & natural terpenes.

Good Night Extracts – Sleep Drops
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